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Fire truck engine exhaust pipe replacement procedure

  • Author:Changjie
  • Release on :2016-07-28

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Front exhaust pipe and pipe fire truck engines are two different parts, so different on the replacement procedure, in front of us as we shared a fire truck engine intake pipe replacement procedure, here is a look at how the exhaust pipe replacement .

Exhaust manifold gasket and replace as follows:

1. Remove the air pipe, regardless of where intake and exhaust pipe will pass through here, so it is subject to demolition.

2. Remove the air exhaust duct intake. It means that the tube into the exhaust pipe, if there is an excess of air entering may be partially discharged from here, in order to reduce the pressure of the engine, for indirect fire truck power balance to help.

3. If you use a supercharger, remove the turbocharger. Usually there will be a fire truck now turbocharger, turbochargers are of course related to the intake and exhaust, so they will have an important part to this person removed when replacing.

4. Remove the exhaust manifold gasket, and clean the exhaust manifold sealing surface to ensure that air will not leak in refitted after.

5. Install the exhaust manifold, new seals and locking plate. Install previously removed components in the opposite direction, starting fire truck check whether there is leakage.

Following the above five steps, to be demolished after the re-installation considerations complex when, after starting checks shall be completed without failure.