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Fire paint scratch repair coating method

  • Author:Changjie
  • Release on :2016-07-23

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Here we are talking about fire truck paint finish slightly scratched but not scraping through the refinishing process approach, and after the fire truck in front of the envelope surface restoration techniques are all light maintenance content, specific reference to the following measures can be.

1. Surface cleaning. The injury site should be used for cleaning special cleaning agent to the surface clean and free of wax, grease, dust and other foreign matter. This process should pay attention to two things: First, the use of the cleaning agent on the surface of a variety of foreign body paint truck has a strong cleaning effect, it can not cause side effects on the paint surface. Second, clean the site than the site of injury large, as refinishing leave enough space, otherwise it will affect the quality of repair.

2. polishing. The choice of appropriate grindstone or grinding, such as the 1500 millstone to scratch the surface of sandpaper polished according to scratch, the polished smooth to visually see scratches so far. This step should note two points: First, polished to a smooth transition; the second is to light when sanding, grinding slow afraid, afraid worn topcoat layer to refinishing trouble, increasing the difficulty of refinishing.

3. waxing polishing. Because no harm topcoat layer, so do not have to paint spraying. Polishing and waxing polishing may be employed directly on the polished smooth finish. When polishing wax, waxing can be simultaneously polished surface fire truck again, in order to improve the appearance of the vehicle repair area and unity.

4. QA. Of the treated surface, as long as the cleaning and waxing polishing process quality, appearance after repair, in particular color and fire truck engines should be exactly the same, otherwise we will see a big painted face.