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Fire engine to "oxygen" tips

  • Author:Changjie
  • Release on :2016-07-10

Oxygen in the air is available at no cost natural fire fuel. If the air once is not enough, then it can only drink some gasoline barely eat, so that the operation caused by improper waste oil should not be real. To see what tips to solve this problem.

Large truck air filter should be timely to transform, change oil filter paper filter, it will not only improve air quality, but also significantly reduces fuel consumption and more worry-saving. Small fire transformation of filter paper difficult, but to maintain the use of, but should always pay attention to the fire reflected in motion. Once the feeling of acceleration reflecting the slow, muffled voice, found idle exhaust black smoke, then in all likelihood the paper filter clogged. After the discovery of the above, the owner should be timely cleaning and maintenance of the filter, the low-pressure pipe blowing dust and debris from the inside out after the filter removed. If the back side of the filter paper does not change color to show that you can use, if the paper color black should be replaced. It should be reminded that if the firefighters relatively mechanically according to the requirements of the fire attendant manual paper filter replacement, if fire trucks often travel in France smoke billowing environment, gas supply will be greatly affected, in addition to fire engines were working at the time of emergency, after the tobacco law very big road, but rarely in a timely manner after the return air filter clean up, which increases the possibility of more "hypoxia" engine.