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Fire engine brake to ensure the reliability of eight experience

  • Author:changjie
  • Release on :2016-07-11

Fire truck braking system is important to slow down and dock facilities, it's good or not directly related to driving safety for fire engines. Ensure good performance braking systems, we must first work to ensure the reliability of the braking system. To achieve this, firefighters in peacetime work hard, pay attention to check the various components of the braking system and related parts, maintenance and repair, the fire precautions to ensure that the brake of the seven, we must also protect the good effectiveness It should be noted the following eight important experience. In its daily inspection and periodic (given away) maintenance projects are as follows:

1. Each time when the fire before attendance or return, should carefully check the fluid level in the brake fluid reservoir. If there is a shortage of reasons should be identified, time to add.

2. every half or in the more bumpy road to perform tasks after the return, we should first carefully check the front wheel brake fluid delivery hose working conditions, to observe whether the distortion and surface abrasion situation. If distortion occurs, usually connected with the cylinder caused by loose fitting nuts, if this failure should be accompanied by oozing traces of oil; if you scratch the surface serious, it should promptly replace the hose; and then to the rear wheels as do the inspection. If the brake drum (disc) Department has large traces of oil leaking in pipeline joints tight situation, should be suspected of the cylinder is a problem, and should be timely maintenance checks.

3. Every time before starting, but also check the free travel of the brake pedal fire truck, the hardness of the pedal and the pedal when braking effect is generated when the height to make a "sensory testing", if you feel abnormal, must find out why; if you check for yourself to no avail, to be cautious Repairer resolved.

4. each driving 15,000 km, front and rear brake lining thickness response tests. If the limit is reached (typically 2mm), it should be replaced.
5. each driving 40,000 kilometers, or less than two years, should be replaced once the brake fluid.

6. If the drum brake, each with 6000 km should be an adjustment, each driving 25,000 kilometers of bush brake shoes, brake drum wear as well as the connection of the spring to conduct an inspection.

7. each driving 12,000 kilometers, once the parking brake check and adjustment.

Only do not see more than a regular brake system status when checking the various components, you can rest assured that fire engines work.