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Find out where ladder truck can replace the traditional mode of operation

  • Author:Chang Jie
  • Release on :2016-10-27

Ladder truck can replace the basket, scaffolding and other traditional climbing machinery, can greatly improve the safety of high-altitude operations and operational efficiency: 

1. The main application areas: construction sites
Application Features:
There are a lot of high-altitude operations in the construction process, including the five basic types of temporary edge, hole, climbing, hanging, cross. Traditional high-
altitude equipment such as scaffolding, derrick, gantry and a variety of mechanical equipment for the lifting of the existence of poor security, the amount of building materials
used, such as the lack of time-consuming. Ladder truck is increasingly used in construction, ladder truck with its excellent safety factor and excellent operating efficiency as
an ideal alternative to scaffolding, promoting the construction of mechanized construction process and greatly reduces the construction process is simple High - altitude work of
the labor intensity.

2. The main application areas: advertising high-level installation
Application Features:
Billboard is now the necessary promotional tools business, especially in high-rise buildings, public facilities, and other projects, advertising is essential propaganda tool.
There are a lot of high-altitude installation of billboards, and the operation point and more complex operating space, not only requires people to reach the high altitude and
the need for materials, equipment, high altitude, the operational flexibility requirements much higher than the traditional scaffolding, ladder and other equipment can climb
Reach the range. Ladder truck to highlight the ability to reach the high altitude, to achieve the carrying materials, construction equipment to reach the point of operation,
greatly reducing the difficulty of construction, improve the efficiency of the installation operation

3. The main application areas: building facades cleaning and maintenance
Application Features:
The decoration, cleaning and maintenance of the exterior surface of the building require a temporary high altitude capability, similar to outdoor advertising installation, large
exhibition hall or stadium layout, infrastructure maintenance, station and subway interior maintenance. In these applications in the large fixed scaffolding in cost and time are
completely inappropriate. On the other hand, the commonly used basket equipment can meet the requirements of use in some cases, but its safety and mobility is much less than the
ladder truck, especially for a wide range of operations, the operating area of ​​the situation, the ladder car will greatly enhance the work effectiveness.

4. The main application areas: large-scale equipment manufacturing and maintenance
Application Features:
Large equipment such as wind turbines, ships, in the manufacturing, installation and maintenance processes are to be flexible operating height and location. Ladder truck is
naturally the first choice in these occasions equipment. Especially in the shipbuilding and repair shop, not only need outstanding air arrival capacity, and often also need to
carry heavy tools and equipment and operators to reach the working position, so choose the right ladder truck has become an important means to improve production efficiency.

5. The main application areas: moving
Application Features:
In the moving industry, the use of ladder truck can be said to be the most extensive. Compared to human handling, ladder truck fully demonstrated its advantages. Traditional
large furniture need to use the crane transport, but often the value of large furniture is very high, the crane is very easy to shake when lifting the damage to the furniture,
ladder ladders to overcome the ladder to overcome this shortcoming.