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Features introduction of Dongfeng 8X4 lightweight dump truck

  • Author:Chang Jie
  • Release on :2017-01-06

For the current part of the increasingly strict rule of ultra-situation, more and more manufacturers began to walk the road from the design and manufacture of lightweight.

Why is it distinctive, lightweight Hercules changed the past Tianlong D310 cab, put on the day Kam's D530 cab. This not only reduces the weight of the vehicle, but also reduces the purchase price of new cars.

The car is not equipped with high-power engine but with Yuchai YC6L280-42 engine, 8.4L displacement, the maximum output power of 206kw, the maximum output of 280 horsepower, with 10 gears 10JSD120A gear, further guarantee the vehicle fuel Economy.

Dongfeng 8X4 dump truck also features lighter weight characteristics introduced

The whole car with lightweight design, the car's overall weight is only 13.5 tons, the largest cargo compartment size can reach 7.6 meters, the use of Anyuan T700 high-strength steel, flat box can be loaded 19.5 side goods, which makes the car in the daily operations , The larger the load at the same time does not appear overloaded. At the same time the use of Dongfeng single-stage deceleration dual rear axle, to meet the lightweight at the same time, to ensure that the car's carrying potential.

Lightweight Dongfeng 8X4 dump truck is a suitable for highway coal, construction materials and other transport standard model, in the ultra-strict areas of governance, the demand for lightweight models has been an upward trend.