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Fall car maintenance tips

  • Author:Changjie
  • Release on :2016-05-17
1, In a timely manner to replace or add antifreeze. Winter outdoor temperature is very low, the tanker would like to operate normally, there must be enough antifreeze to do, otherwise the water tank is frozen, cannot be normal cycle, the tanker will be a failure. Antifreeze to MIX and MAX between the line, less to be added in a timely manner. 
how much oil tanker
2, Change the glass of water in advance. Winter in with a glass of water washing the front windshield, must with good quality, the glass of water, so in cleaning the glass will not freeze. Otherwise it will damage the wiper, but also affect the driver's attention.
3, check the oil is sufficient. In the winter, the normal operation of oil tanks, oil is playing a big role, must be carefully before the arrival of the winter oil gauge is in the normal range. Then look at whether the oil tanker to change the oil? It can be based on the number of kilometers in the maintenance manual to replace oil. 

4, if the snow, the car was covered on the thick snow, clear snow from the front windshield, be careful that you don't use sharp scraping the broken glass, especially the wiper, in front of the thaw must not be, otherwise it will damage the wiper.
5 in winter, when driving, not necessarily the original hot car, tanker is walking slowly for the door not to refuel. Because winter oil viscosity increase and circulation is slow, hot can ensure the tank car engine oil, antifreeze running in place, reduce wear and tear on the tanker.
6 adjust tire pressure. Winter cold, keep foot some gas tank truck tyres than summer, because the tire easily heat bilges cold shrink. So driving up comfortable and safe