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Frequently asked questions of sweeper truck: teach you how to save the cost of routine maintenance

  • Author:Changjie
  • Release on :2016-08-10

After buying vehicles,many owners don't know how to do maintenances and just know to take it to the repair shop for maintenance when there is any problem.After using for some time,it will be a lot of problems. Then how to prevent these problems there and save the cost of maintenance?the Special Vehicle net will tell you some suggestions below: to prevent sweeper truck "boiling"?

Re: Often said "boiling" of sweeper truck refers to that the engine cooling water in the tank was fired to boiling hot water. The reasons of boiling are also complex. When you find water temperature is too high,you should immediately stop the car and take correct emergency methods.Otherwise,high terperrature water would accelerate the wear of engine internal parts of sweeper truck,which causes great damage to engine. But this method,after all, belongs to rescued method.For sweeper truck drivers,you should also frequently observe dashboard to reach early detection and early treatment.

2.My sweeper chairs are leather chairs.If not to sweeper truck service stations,how can i do maintenance at home?

Re: It is recommended that new vehicle or newly modified vehicle within 15 days should be better added a layer of protective wax for the chairs in order to be convenient for vehicle owners' ordinary clean.But for it looks like bright as new annual,under normal circumstances, it is better to give the leather chairs monthly maintenance.Take care while the maintenance of sweeper truck chairs: sweeper truck leather chairs should be tried to be two feet away from the heat source,due to that heating can cause leather dry cracking. Avoid prolonged exposure to sun,which can prevent leathers from fade. Often do cleaning and maintenance.Vacuumed dust weekly. After cleaning,do not use a hair dryer to quickly dry the leather, but to dry naturally. to save sweeper maintenance costs?

Re: Sweeper truck service station is a professional sweeper truck repair shop.Compared to other conventional sweeper truck repair shops, its services are comparable. But there are a lot of repair shops now ,of which the technology and services are pretty good,the management is also great and the price is relatively reasonable. Therefore, choosing where to do this depends on the maintenance of personal thoughts.