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Explore the maintenances of six components of water truck

  • Author:Changjie
  • Release on :2016-08-20

1, Water truck paint
In early winter morning, dew is more. Surface of water truck is often very wet. If there are obvious scratches on the surface of your water truck, it should be done in paint treatment, so as not to scratch the site from moisture and corrosion. In addition, when the season changed, you may want to do once your sprinkler surface from cleaning, polishing to waxing, sealing glaze or coating a series of beauty maintenance.
2, Water truck tires maintenance
Tires play an important role in vehicle safety driving. Especially in winter, due to the relatively low temperature, tire pressure should add, to keep it at a predetermined pressure range, should also check the tire scratches, because the rubber in the winter and appears likely to harden brittle, tires easy to leak, and even rolling tires.
3, Water truck engine compartment maintenance
In winter, water truck driver should always check the engine compartment of the oil, brake fluid and antifreeze, to see whether enough oil, whether or deterioration, whether the replacement cycle. The car's fluids like blood, the replacement cycle, must be replaced, in order to ensure the smooth circulation of oil.
4, Heater fan and pipelines
The temperature in winter is low. There will be frost phenomenon in vehicle. In this season, you should pay special attention to the windshield defroster vents under normal wind, the heat is enough. If problems occur, should be promptly addressed, will bring your driving insecurity.
5, The air inlet or air inlet grilles, electronic fan should always check the sprinkler outlet or air intake grilles, whether electronic fan these areas with debris. If there is debris, you can use compressed air to blow away dust machine. In addition, the engine cooling state, you can use water washing over parts from the inside out.
6, Battery
In winter, the battery electrode wiring at the sprinkler is the most error- prone areas. The driver to check if the electrode wiring found at the green oxide, must use boiled water to wash away these oxides cause generator green power is low, so that the battery is in a state of loss of electricity, can also cause severe battery scrap, or car beat the fire.
Through the above six aspects of the maintenance, your water truck will ride out the cold winter and will not come out too many faults in this harsh winter weather in order to ensure safe and efficient operation of vehicles.