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Experience fire truck repair paint scratches table

  • Author:Changjie
  • Release on :2016-07-18
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Fire truck paint scratches and corrosion as is the common table, because the long-term work in a highly nervous state, the working environment can be complex, there will be some small problems, but if managed properly, will also remain bright firemen truck . During repair scratches, it should not work, be painted on the vehicle, in fact, very easy to use ingenious methods to solve this problem.

1. scratches can easily lead to rust, the use of toothpaste, small scars on broad movements can be coated evenly, after cleaning the body, but also remember to apply some scratches on. This can reduce the scratches can play the role of rust.

2. imperceptible scratches do not think that is not important, if not often a lengthy process if the conditions can also cause rust, polishing method can be used to recover the paint. Available more passionate brightening agents to remove impurities attached to the truck and the oxide layer, scratches and leveled Fen agent penetrate the paint, restore the character in order to restore as new.

3. If the scratch is deep, exposing the metal layer, it is necessary to prevent corrosion coat of paint, refer to the table to avoid fire truck paint corrosion method for processing.

4. If the zero zero area is large, then you need to go to a professional repair shop for repairs, in order to avoid scratches on the boards that surround part of the corroded paint caused by corrosion.

Scratches corrosion with fire trucks treatment should be timely, or cause too Area negotiations with the phenomenon is even more difficult, but also affects the appearance and functioning properly.