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Excessive fuel consumption of anitation garbage truck? Little tips for fuel-efficient

  • Author:Changjie
  • Release on :2016-09-16

The fuel consumption of sanitation garbage truck, in addition to the size and the size of the displacement of the car itself, but also there is relationship between the driver's
operating practices, the following special steam network for you to explain six key periods:
1, do not pay attention to sanitation garbage truck with low gear for a long time. Engine, accelerator pedal, gear, Trinity tacit order output the most economical and best
power. So, try to avoid driving for a long time with low gear.
2, do not frequent start and brake. In addition to the throttle is the brake, which is the most expensive oil. Therefore, to avoid frequent start, turn off the brake.
3, overloaded and overspeeding. Exceed the rated load for each additional 1kg load, fuel consumption will increase by 0.01 per km. Thus, the city traffic to minimize its weight,
removing unnecessary "burden."
4, when the vehicle is empty. It is estimated that 35% of China's oil energy is wasted, where the automobile transport accounted for about 74% of waste, waste Kongshi phenomena
has accounted for more than half of them.
5, tire pressure is low. In addition to sanitation garbage truck with its own power, the 80% rely on the inertia generated. The tire pressure is too low, too much contact with
the road surface will increase resistance, impact glide. If the tire pressure is lower than a predetermined value 0.5kg / cm2, fuel consumption will increase by 5%. Low tire
pressure will also increase the instability of direction, and increased tire wear.
6, the throttle ups and downs. Come to "soft." Car fuel consumption does not, to a large extent in the drivers refueling method. Want fuel economy, the correct fuel is the key
to light tread with care, should not slam fierce riding the engine at high speed in an instant work.
Once you master the above-described driving skills, you can easily make your sanitation garbage trucks more fuel efficient.