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Environmental site different fire truck parking skills

  • Author:Changjie
  • Release on :2016-07-15

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Fire truck for sale

In various dangers arise when they are likely to have a fire figure, each in a different environment, parking areas requiring attention are also not the same, they should identify the operating skills to ensure the safety of the rescue truck.

You must stop before riding the clutch pedal, followed by service brake pedal, wait a parked car, the gear lever in neutral position, the parking brake operating lever, then lift the feet can be.

Select the parking location

1. When you need to reach the site of the accident, first find the best place to stop the rescue. Before stopping, the general should choose traffic rules allow, and flat area. When parking on the road, along the lines should be parked in the direction of the right side of the road, do not exceed the sidewalk, next to other vehicles such as should their distance 2m or more.

2. Observe and around cars and pedestrians from behind Have interior mirror and exterior mirrors. Are fire direction for rescue, is it easy to lay fire hose, etc., should be taken into account.

Ground parking

Fire truck at the ground when the general predictability parking brake. Open the right turn signal, with the lower vehicle speed, gradually moving right, approaching the predetermined stopping point, relax the accelerator pedal, depress the clutch, gently depress the brake when the car is about to stop, slightly lift the brake pedal, then light light depress smoothly stop the car, if the car fully loaded, with particular attention to water, not too much, to maintain stability of the car.

Parking ramp

To choose a good parking spot, if there is a road along the side of the road, the left front wheel hit a certain angle, so that the right rear wheel close to or close to the road along the slide down along the slope to prevent fire. If no road along the side of the road, the right front wheel hit a relatively large angle to avoid sliding back down into the middle of the road.

Highway parking

Regular attendance truck on the highway, in the parking lot, it must immediately open the hazard lights and set the cordon in front of the car after the car, at night you must also turn on the car lights and car lights and shown wide taillight. All must move quickly to a safe place, if you do not set good, very prone to secondary accidents.