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Electrostatic belt function

  • Author:Changjie
  • Release on :2016-07-05

China Special Purpose Vehicle

Watching the coming and going on the road with an assortment of vehicles, you will find that the tail of some cars there is always a small tail dragging on the ground, especially in some dangerous goods vehicles, such as tankers, explosive trucks etc. This small tail also has a professional name - static wrist strap.

In addition to static wrist strap is a device of a vehicle, the main purpose is to divert static electricity, effectively release the electrostatic charge to the ground, thus avoiding problems caused by static electricity.

Static leakage is not your car, there are many causes which may be static fiber interior items such as carpets, seats, clothing friction generated, it may be in the process of moving, the dust floating in the air and body metal surfaces rub against each other and cause. This is when you touch the body, suddenly snapped to electrostatically bite reasons, and electrostatic belt is this part of the static electricity diversion to avoid a threat to your personal safety and traffic safety.

Here comes possible safety and traffic safety will feel somewhat alarmist, we are not alarmist then look down,

The human body itself is a conductor, resistance between about 103-105 Euro, while walking motion, will produce static friction, and then import the ground by shoes. And now are generally rubber or plastic shoes, has an insulating effect, it will be a lot of static electricity accumulated on the human body. According to the test when wearing shoes people walking, the body of any static electricity up to 5-15 kV, so contact with the metal conductor discharge spark energy up to 1 mJ, pay attention to the human body static electricity voltage of 220 volts to the discharge energy 0.4 mJ. Think about it, if this time you are in contact with explosive truck it, the consequences of small series can not think ah.

Followed by static electricity on the human body injury, ranging from people feeling unwell, if a long period of static electricity may also cause headaches, insomnia and irritability and other symptoms, and even can cause a variety of cardiovascular diseases, such as arrhythmia, tachycardia, premature beats, atrial fibrillation, life-threatening.

Electrostatic hazards is great, but not non-defense, then we come to know about the coup which antistatic

First, to ensure the humidity. Humidity can be guaranteed in two ways, one is to ensure that the humidity inside the vehicle, on the other hand is to ensure that the body's own moisture. Humidity can guarantee the car dashboard laid a wet towel, or prepare a sprayer, mist spray in the car at any time, increase the humidity inside the vehicle; ensure that the body moisture that is drink plenty of water, where the water is not only drinking water, also include your skin to drink, such as moisturizer, hand cream, so that you keep moist inside and outside the body, so there is not static, because static electricity does not occur on its own in a wet environment.

Second, avoid chemical fiber products. Clothes mostly synthetic ingredients, chemical composition in the case of supplies, so it is prone to static electricity, especially in the dry autumn and winter, it is easy with static electricity. Therefore, in the car to try to avoid chemical fiber cushions, mats and so on.

Third, the selection of special anti-static wax. Some owners may understand waxing a car can effectively prevent static electricity, may Wax choice but ignored, special wax fence to the vehicle surface dust, clean film, effectively prevent the generation of static electricity.

Fourth, the electrostatic belt. Wrist strap that is mentioned above, we have a small tail, generally located in the rear of the vehicle, the vehicle static electricity generated in the process of moving to the ground by the release of this little tail. Compared to the previous three approaches, installing electrostatic belt to come easier, more economical and environmentally friendly, and once and for all.

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