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Elaborate on the job responsibilities of explosion-proof truck driver

  • Author:Changjie
  • Release on :2016-08-16

1. Civilized driving on road: comity, "three-first", prohibit overspeeding, overcrowded of cab and passengering in tube kits.
2. Grasp knowledge of fire and be able to correctly use fire and antistatic equipment.
3. Once traffic incidents occurs, blasting equipment transportging truck drivers should timely state to traffic management and Central Division and Corporate Security and timely rescue the wounded, with no private demolition, damage and escape the scene. Actively cooperate with traffic management section to solve trouble for disposal.
4. Adhere to viewing traffic safety system. Carry out the insurance and checking before and after driving explosion-proof truck. Find out problems and promptly remove.Usually serve to protect vehicle and maintenance. Adhere to the car capacity of neat and to ensure that the vehicle is in normal operating condition outstanding.
5. Strict implementation of management information of blasting system. Collect blasting information and leave it stored in medicine chest tube and lock if necessary and prohibit to put in control room.
6. Earnestly implement and strictly abide traffic rules and road safety management system of company.To hold part-time safety coordinators responsibility and establish strong safety awareness. Take care of blasting & ldquo; three materials & rdquo; transport safety and accomplish all kinds of tasks according to needs.
7. During non-car time, don't drive explosion-proof truck away from place or stop off there without any reason.To ensure safety of vehicles and avoid vehicle being stolen or damaged.
8. Without permission,don't privately lend vehicle to others and undocumented ones.