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Effect if the lack of maintenance of the tank circuit

  • Author:CJE
  • Release on :2017-03-10
Drivers are more concerned about car appearance, such as whether the tanker off the paint, there are no scratches, oil tanker cleaning on a regular basis, and so on. Examination of the oil tanker routes are relatively weak, summer is often spontaneous combustion of oil tankers, or aging because of power lines in the final analysis, we do not have time. Now, cooler weather had slowly, even morning dew there may be the next rain, today to chat with you and ignore checking car wires and the serious consequences of aging.

Chinese export prices of oil tank truck
Ageing oil tanker route after a long period of time is not essential, just what is the degree of aging of this depends on our daily maintenance checks. Sometimes owners would encounter a rainy, discovery engine not starting or inability to question, you don't panic when you encounter this problem, in fact, this is the ignition system leakage arising from the supermarket. Car manufacturers warned that if there is more than is the case, need oil tanker completely stalled after cooling after a period of time with a dry towel to dry and downed power lines, and then go to the maintenance check. If leakage of aging, must be replaced immediately. Auto electrical system maintenance is one of the core content of auto maintenance, especially for vehicles that use more than three years, annually to repair workshop for a thorough vehicle electrical system maintenance is critical. As if a tanker after the failure of the circuit and the circuit, it will make car engines at work will increase the amount of oil, natural gas mileage has also increased.