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Dwell on hook arm garbage truck handling methods

  • Author:Changjie
  • Release on :2016-08-24

Hook arm garbage truck hydraulic cylinder operating is controled by hydraulic multi-valve and hydraulic valve control multi-cylinder operation. Hydraulic system consists of tanks and filtration systems, pumps, multi-valve, one-way throttle valve, fuel tanks, tubing and other components. Power system from the engine, through the power take off PTO, PTO driven gear pump.
Gear pump uses the suction filter to suction hydarulic oil in the hydraulic tank and multi-way valve (located outside the cab, the front portion of the trunk) oil. Multi-way valve work the pull arm cylinder, the lock cylinder generate action, does not work when the hydraulic cylinder, hydraulic oil through the multi-way valve directly back to the tank.

Hook arm garbage truck handling methods:
1. Push the operating handle the locking hook to the retracted position, the locking cylinder retracted, the locking frame and back flip frame and attachment frame lock fixed;
2. Pull the arm to pull the operating handle extending from the position, pull the boom cylinder extends activities around the pull arm before flipping flip-hinge axis, pull the arm is in the position of the hook box, adjust the height of the hook and pull the arm and bend housing hook aligned;
3. When the pull arm hook to hook the box, continue to push the lower arm to the operating handle down position, so that the body continues to trash the car (Note: to ensure that the body is located in the trash stringer attach the rear frame of the two rear rollers between);
4. When the body drop onto the trash can attached to the frame, and release the lever arm operation it back in place, and then pull the locking hook operating handle to the locked position, the lock cylinder extends, the lock tight frame and flip-flips and trash lock fixed body, loosen the handle to make it back in place to complete the work on the car body of the trash, release the power take off, the vehicle can travel transportation.
5. Take hung before unloading garbage from garbage truck, vehicle operating up to 6 standard gas pressure, open the back door bins locking device, the second joint multi-stage valve at the front, first determine the locking frame lock hopper body (pull the locking hook operating handle to the locked position), then pull the handle to pull the arm operating the extended position, the hopper body inclined lift equipment garbage discharged.