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Dump truck seasonal maintenance

  • Author:Changjie
  • Release on :2016-07-05

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Some dump truck drivers like yourself car wash. Not only save money, but also quality assurance dump truck. But probably because water is not easy, they are often one or two buckets of water to wash a whole dump truck, not knowing, so the car wash, although water-saving environmental protection, but it is a nightmare in terms of paint: the paint dust because of missing the vehicle body wash repeated friction, it is almost no different with a sanding paint. Therefore, in the advanced car wash shop you will find people in front of the vehicle will be the official car wash and rinse only be prolonged pre-wash spray a cleaner, after washing, which is to try to avoid the dump truck vehicle body paint on gravel surface caused by abrasion.

Tipper washing process, rinse with plenty of water body is no doubt essential, but many times, the car wash workers without professional training in order to obtain greater flushing force, like to use water cannons fired vertical body, in this case high-pressure water is likely to cause damage to the paint. So, if you are a careful driver, in which case you should say to the car wash workers clear the problem.

After a long and humid summer, dump the car has been the breeding ground for many bacteria, coupled with a long time do not drive windows, air conditioning will make the air inside becomes dirty, this environment will harm people inside the car, then clean the interior becomes very necessary. First car finishing debris removal activities interiors clean after disinfection, and then after a professional cleaning agent for each dead car.

Dump the car most likely to be dirty mat. It is in direct contact with the shoes, rain shoes will absorb rainwater on. If left unattended, it is easy to mold. The mats folded out of the car, in order to avoid the dust spilled in the car. After removing the dust duster dust them off. Before flushing again with a brush, remove dust from the gap depth. If you can do regularly, can effectively inhibit lice or odors. After the mats of water throughout the wet, pour in the detergent tread mat, be careful not to pour too much. If the long-haired and with pure wool and other advanced materials mats, it is recommended to use this type of washing wool special liquid detergent, it will not hurt the fiber, and cleaned mats will look fluffy and soft. When the detergent in the covered riding pad when you want to re-use a brush, especially the driver's seat with the mats, it is hard to need to brush. Scrub depending on the arrangement direction of hair brushing. Into the rinse stage, we must put detergent wash very clean while using softening. The final step is to dry, if it is hairy mats, to try to let the wool vertically and then diagonally mats to dry. Thus, the water dry faster, dry mats looks more beautiful. Mats completely dry and put it back inside the car.

Tipper roof dirt usually accumulate in visible places. To clean the inside of the roof according to the materials, colors and different. Whitish cloth seat fabric using detergent. First seat prostrate, then towel or chair cover to cover, the roof drops down to prevent water or detergent contamination. Then poured into water and detergent dilution in sprayers, spray on the roof. After a little foaming cleanser and gently scrub with a brush. Note that with the relatively soft brush and light intensity. Otherwise easy to pilling, but also damage to the fabric. Wait until the dirt floating on the surface, and then wring dry towel to wipe away the foam. The rest of the dirt can be removed with a cleaning agent.

Roof material is vinyl, there is usually a lot of small surface pits. Roof than the cloth roof of this material are more easy to fall dust, but as long as there is no incorporation of silicone glass cleaner to remove dirt.

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Dark lines you want to check the extent of its dirty, just with a clean wet towel to gently wipe the surface. If the white towel was stained brown dirt above, showing the roof has been dirty dump truck. No matter what kind of car, this method can be two to three months to check every second. If you find that you can wipe clean with a wet towel, then you need to use a cleanser. Before using the cleaner first spray some water on the dump truck roof, this could make cleaner deeper fibers.