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Dump truck routine maintenance

  • Author:Changjie
  • Release on :2016-06-04

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Usually to learn how to drive dump trucks "Three oil, Sanshui," so-called "three oil, Sanshui" is the oil, transmission fluid, brake fluid, radiator water and wiper water, battery water, drivers should know how to look at where to look, so as to avoid accidentally hurt the car.

Pressure visually dump truck tire on it, it should be no problem for the driver, as long as see some deflated tire dump truck, dump truck tire pressure is too low, the inflator to the service station on it. As for the braking system, which is to stay dessert, then you can feel when the dump truck was found not too sensitive when braking, you should go check out.

Under unexpected problems dump truck flameout flameout in motion, and this is a problem often encountered in the driver, this time, you'd better be on the horn after the car turned a deaf ear, hold their own tension, according to the original coach taught school car the start-up procedure: slowly lift the clutch, accelerator to light, the vehicle slowly forward. If you do not make the vehicle repeatedly started up, then the best way is to ask other drivers to help. If you are dump truck fails not start, get to the service station to call to them for help.

Many women are now suddenly flat tire spare tire will not change, if the first place after the middle of nowhere encountered dump truck tire may suffer. Now we have to teach you how to change a spare tire, ensure you anxious moments easily solve the problem.

First jack the dump truck up a little support, before the dump truck tire not yet off the ground, tightening the wheel nuts to loosen. After tighten the nut loose, continue to jack the tipper support up until after the tire completely off the ground, removed the original tire,