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Dump truck maintenance tips in summer

  • Author:Changjie
  • Release on :2016-05-22
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1, how to use if you have the time didn't dump truck or used dump truck, please check the dump truck coolant oil, gearbox, differential oil, power steering fluid and the brake fluid level, ensure no leakage. In addition, you may also need to replace the oil, because the winter has thickened oil is easy to agglomerate in dump truck engine. In the dump truck battery if there is no work all winter long, and need to recharge or replace.
After a long winter, dump truck chassis to also want to have a good cleaning. If you live in region where it snows, cleaning the chassis is more necessary. Salt sprinkled on the road to the snow may agglomerate in the bottom of the car, and corrosion of metal parts. Block dirt can also affect the heat dissipation, the dump truck engine and transmission in high temperature during operation.
You can clean with water pipe and water cannons to dump truck chassis. Many car wash and car beauty shop also use high pressure steam cleaner for you to wash the dirt from the dump truck chassis.
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2, the most difficult problem is how to make summer driving dumper engine maintain proper temperature. Before the introduction of the radiator and coolant, let us look at hoses and belts. Radiator hose connected to the coolant can be transported back and forth between the radiator and the engine block dump truck, and the belt is connected to the cooling fan. If the hose cracked or broken belt, radiator temperature will rise rapidly, dump may therefore anchored.
Check hoses to see if there are cracks or loose loopholes. Hoses should be tight. Rubber hoses will gradually corrode aging from the inside out, a process called electrochemical degradation. Usually radiator hose near the engine or dump truck hose clamp easiest aging.
Belt damaged ships can be seen with the naked eye, if there are signs of aging should be replaced belt. If the belt is too smooth, be careful. Experts suggest that after traveling 50,000 kilometers, the probability of failure due to the risk of the belt will be a sharp increase in Dump Truck.

3, after a winter, dump truck air filter could be salt or other large residual block. This lowers the car's fuel economy. Replaced with dirt air filter fuel economy can be increased by 10%.
But exactly when to replace the air filter Tipper? In general, dump truck air filter should be replaced every 19312 km once, but should also depends on the specific road conditions and air quality. If you frequently travel in dusty or full of gravel on the road, the speed of the air filter dust sure than only faster moving vehicles on the highway. The only way to determine whether need to replace the air filter is to take out the filter check carefully.
It is interesting to note that a little dirty air filter rather than a clean filter to use. Because of air filter residue can also participate in the filtering process, filter out those who would have missed the small particles.
How long haven't change the filter criteria. If the filter is very dirty, it must be replaced. If you are ready to use them regularly in summer, you'd better change the, after all, it is not very expensive.
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4, summer driving is the most afraid of a sudden thunder shower. When the rain fell to car windshield, wipers can never "strike". On the night of heavy rain, the wiper is indispensable device, because the dim light and heavy rain will let the driver's visible area shortened 4 ~ 6m.
The wiper of dump truck will undergo some test - ice and snow in the winter, snow salt and extremely cold weather can make wiper blades craze, reduce the efficacy of the wiper of tipper. If the dump truck wipers on the glass with clear mark or a swing many times when the next rain still have to get rain scraper, the dump truck wiper should be replaced.