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Dump Truck Cylinder oil Leakage and Some Common Problems

  • Author:Changjie
  • Release on :2016-10-20

Dump truck cylinder in peacetime is not easy to break the situation, but just in case, we usually pay attention to the best point in time to use, regular checks and so on. Here I am to enumerate a few fuel tanks may be the problem and how we should be resolved.

The first is the hydraulic cylinder oil leakage situation, in peacetime we have to keep the tank and other parts to maintain, because these places are commonly used, more powerful wear and tear, if the inspection found that when the gasoline Leakage phenomenon, we must first look at the cylinder seal on the damage has not occurred, because the rubber ring is made of rubber, more prone to aging, high temperatures in the season may also be a bit like melting, The usual use of great influence. Second, to check whether there is excess material stuck, such as long-term storage of oil stains, etc. blocked the gap. And then to pounds, said about to see if they are overloaded, and overload, the cylinder may be because the pressure is too large, which would have been in the hydraulic cylinder inside the oil squeezed out, the other is the oil temperature is too high , The carrying capacity of the cylinder can not accept, the best way is to quickly find a place for the car to rest in the mining, the dump truck is essential, especially prone to excessive use of the situation. When you find these things, it is recommended to find a nearby repair plant or in time to replace some of their own parts, such as seals, etc., or clean up their own around the cylinder and solve the problem.

Another point is when the dump truck lift jitter, the first possible reason is the weight of the car to bear too much, there is not enough power rose to the top; the second gear pump aging, serious internal leakage, this time the hydraulic oil will Began to heat as a reminder, pay attention to this phenomenon. And then a shortage of oil in the fuel tank, there will be such a thing, it is recommended to see if the refueling into the tubing suction case, if any, please check the pump if the filter blockage phenomenon and timely clean-up. Eliminate these types of failure, has not been found, then the proposed check to see if there is no bolt and the like, the failure in just show when you have to respond immediately to reduce the risk.