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Dry powder fire truck universal knowledge

  • Author:Changjie
  • Release on :2016-09-18

Definition of dry powder fire truck:
Dry powder fire truck means fire powder extinguishing agent tank equipment and complete sets of dry powder injection device. Dry powder fire engines are on GM chassis equipped with a dry powder fire extinguishing agent tank, the entire dry powder spray devices and other fire-fighting equipment, some also equipped with a water tank and fire pump. Mainly dry powder fire extinguishing agent, so it is suitable for fighting fires of flammable and combustible liquids, flammable gases and charging equipment. Since the car comes with jug and fire pumps, it can also be used for general material fire fighting.
Cartridge-operated dry powder fire mainly by the passenger compartment, compartment, dry nitrogen gas system and pump system components.

Extinguishing System
Dry powder extinguishing system installation equipment into their fixed, mobile two. And it can be divided into fixed local application fire-fighting systems and total flooding fire extinguishing system.
1, topical application system
Local application fire-extinguishing systems are connected by a nozzle through a fixed pipeline with the powder storage tank, the powder is injected directly into one kind of powder extinguishing system on the protected object. The main building space for a large, easy to form the entire building fire, and only the individual devices are susceptible to fire, or some open-air device easy to place fire. These places can not or need not be provided or total flooding fire extinguishing system, you can easily select a site set up local application fire extinguishing system.
2, total flooding fire extinguishing system
Total flooding fire extinguishing system is a fixed pipe, fixed nozzle and fixed dry tanks connected integrally a dry powder extinguishing system. It is used for closed or closed buildings, such as basements, caverns, cabin, transformer room, paint warehouse, garage and oil and so on.

working principle
Dry powder extinguishing system consists of dry powder fire extinguishing equipment and automatic control of two major components. The former has a dry storage tanks, power cylinders, valves, pipes and nozzles lose powder; the latter have fire detectors, start bottles, alarm controllers.
When the protected object ignition temperature rises to a certain value, the fire detector alarm signal, open the boot bottle, gas bottle valve to open the pilot flow from start bottle, high-pressure gas into the manifold, pipe pressure rise. When the collecting pipe pressure rises to a certain value, and the remaining six power cylinders open simultaneously, high-pressure gas through the manifold, high pressure valves, valves, vacuum after the transition is divided into two, all the way into the one-way pneumatic amplifier, another way to enter pneumatic constant pressure sender. When the dry powder tank pressure rises to a predetermined pressure, constant pressure sender signal is given the check booster operation, push the gas tank through the amplifier A, B, the ball B, C now open, dry powder tank B through ball, lose powder tube nozzle sprayed onto the protected object. At the same time, the power cylinder open, high-pressure gas is discharged to the inflatable tank dry, pressurized spray dry powder.

Dry powder fire truck engines Features
Dry powder fire extinguishing agent with a non-conductive, non-corrosive, fire fighting and so quickly. Mainly used for fighting flammable gas, flammable liquid fires, but also for fighting electrical equipment and combustible solid fires. Specifically the following characteristics:
1, suitable for dry areas.
2, cold regions without frost
3, no power.
4, good insulation properties, can live equipment fire fighting
5, fire extinguishing agents can be long-term storage.
6, after the fire, contamination of the equipment smaller.
7, can be long-distance transmission, the device can be away from the fire area
8, non-toxic or low toxicity to humans and animals, the environment will not cause harm.
9, extinguishing time is short, high efficiency, petroleum and petroleum products, fire better.
In addition to the above advantages, since no dry cooling after extinguishing a fire if left more than prone resurgence. For precision instruments also were damaged, it can not put out the depth of smoldering fires.