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Dongfeng compression side-loading garbage truck specifications

  • Author:CJE
  • Release on :2017-03-27
Our company produces the Dongfeng Dongfeng chassis side-loaded and compressed rubbish vehicle Dolly card 1730 single CAB, DCD CY4BK451 5,117-horsepower engine, wheelbase 3300mm, front axle 1.5 ton axle-3.5 ton, 5-speed gearbox, 7.00-16 tires, power steering, to snuff out brakes, ABS. All-metal rectangular structure enclosed litter box in top of the trash has a feeding box cover, which makes the car nice and drizzle down to prevent spam. Side fitted with loading settings, greatly reducing the operator's workload. In the tail of the bins with hydraulic lifting devices, enable the operator to unload garbage can without going out of the cab when the back door.
Dongfeng side loaded compressed garbage truck
Dongfeng duolika side-loaded and compressed rubbish car parts including: car body Assembly, automatic charging device, hydraulic systems, operating systems, and so on.
Car body: all metal enclosed structure. Structure for wall forms, material Q235 carbon steel plate, side plate thickness 4mm, chassis 4mm thick. In front of the cab right side equipped with inlet and the automatic charging device. In the rear of the cab, with automatic doors, opens automatically when unloading.
Charging device: the automatic charging device is located on the right side of the front of the envelope surface, made up of brackets, chain, hooks etc. Use this device to automatically raise the trash in the trash can loaded into the car body.
Dump devices: abdominal double cylinder hydraulic lifting cab, automatic discharge.
Hydraulic system: through the system can achieve special functions for automatic loading and unloading automatically.
Operating system: through the transformation of the system function.
Dongfeng duolika side loaded compression type garbage car can according to different needs selected loaded Italy imports three bit four pass electromagnetic reversing valve and driving indoor video monitoring device, performance more reliable, operation more convenient, reduced staff job strength; backdoor institutions design advanced, car backdoor opened institutions reference European advanced of models design, structure compact, and reasonable, occupied width size small, for car width conceded more big space, makes the car more easy and various garbage compression station docking, Conducive to enhancing productivity and avoid scraping the car in car dock with the station; dump cylinder with an operating rod system modular design of the system, has a good seal, hydraulic oil leakage, long service life, stable and reliable. In particular, the product in the case of poor road conditions, fuel tank will not highlight the lower part of the chassis beam, compared with direct push cylinder, through better performance; the car uses the frame type structure, skeletal structure more simple than traditional dump box, vehicle attractive.