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Dongfeng car maintenance should pay attention to the 17 questions

  • Author:CJE
  • Release on :2017-04-19

ABT General undergo a rigorous inspection prior to shipment, tanks after the workshop air tightness test, then vehicle Assembly after the trials will have a toe in the water, and finished after the Bureau of technical supervision inspection and tank inspection reports issued. In General, the tank at the factory after a few years there is no quality problems, problems were basically wearing parts. Summarizes the 17 questions about car maintenance.


1, carrying tank parts, popular version is the car chassis. General drivers for this one more sharp, problem is car after installing pump we withdraw force from the engine installed drive shaft, PTO, with these 2 devices we need to pay special attention in the operation, improper operation, PTO scrapped.

2, use and maintenance of the pump, please in strict accordance with the use and maintenance manual to perform, with the car is equipped with a manual.

3 use and maintenance, tanker, please in strict accordance with the use instructions to perform, with the car is equipped with a manual.

4, the oil slowly, I couldn\'t get out of the oil, check the safety valve, strainer screen. These should be checked and cleaned frequently.

5, oil tank and piping system should be cleaned on a regular basis. Regularly check whether the joins of the piping system joins good and reliable sealing.

6, to ensure that the oil tank cleaning, oil tanks and oil transportation system should be cleaned on a regular basis, both ends of the transmission oil hose should always lubricate joints, easy disassembly and Assembly convenience. The tubing after the completion of each shall cover progress, outside cover (cover), both ends of the transmission oil hose (closure) in order to keep the inside clean.

7, oil loading should not exceed the rated load capacity. (According to the density of fuel conversion).

8, ball valve by the media should not be too dirty to protect the sealing ring, improving the service life of the ball valve, ball valve should not be working in the half closed and half open, otherwise the sealing rings can be easily changed in driving the ball valve handle should be in the closed state.

9, pumps into the network should always take apart and wash, in case the oil plug filters, effects of traffic.

10, breathing valve should be maintained clean, the breather valve is in working condition, valve springs should not be replaced, so as not to affect, gas-absorption effect. When the breathing valve block,, is in danger of causing deformation of the tank.

11, in order to prevent an oil truck fire, damaged in exhaust pipes, silencers, pipe leak, electrical conductivity very bad or broken do not allow metal objects struck oil when car parts to avoid Mars, oil the car should be ready to fire-fighting equipment.

12, if the tank precipitation tank freeze, no baking, hot steam to melt or into hothouse is thawing.

13, before the refuelling operation, you must use the refuge from the Poles insert wet land, take the tape should be grounded, the job should always remain static during the good.

14, before driving check the fire extinguisher installations, fuel users should be familiar with the use of fire extinguishers, and according to its instructions for use inspection and maintenance.

15, oil tanker operations, should check whether the pipe system leak, grounding cord is disconnected, exhaust pipes for damage, found that the problem should be resolved first and then work.

16, the oil should be in accordance with the relevant provisions. In the winter, self-priming water if there is water in the pump must be placed, to freeze the broken pump.

17, when needed in the tank work, should pay attention to ventilation, tank external protection. With SOAP and water after cleaning the tank if necessary further action.