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Dongfeng 5-8 tons of small refrigerated trucks Why is beloved by many users?

  • Author:Changjie
  • Release on :2016-05-12

  Dongfeng DLK small refrigerated trucks from the appearance, refrigerated trucks Dongfeng small Duolika front of suet white, body white, rough lines on both sides of the cover is very conspicuous spoiler, reducing drag to play the role. Match the old chassis Chaochai brand engine with EGR + exhaust after disposal system to meet the national IV emission standards. Chassis mounted six-speed transmission, can adapt to a more complex road conditions and working conditions. In addition to increased thickening of the outer beams, as compared to other sections of refrigerated trucks, refrigerated trucks Dongfeng small Duolika 3300mm wheelbase models allow rear axle load of 4.2 tons, spring leaf is 8 + 10 before 7, the carrying capacity is greatly improved.
  Door design, is still manual windows, central arc module design bright spots, including open door handles, whether or outer contour of the handle itself mellow smooth, young atmosphere, Dongfeng refrigerated trucks interior with small Duolika gray-based, it is worth mentioning that the outer contour of the instrument panel and center console looks like inlaid wood, not to mention beautiful or not, this new element of the interior is very gratifying. Spoke steering wheel designed for two, very simple.
  Refrigerated truck manufacturer
  Chang Jie Special Purpose Vehicle Co. Dongfeng DLK small refrigerator car loaded terms, envelope inside and outside of the glass plate production, Xinban 8cm thick insulation layer of polyurethane insulation extruded plate, a bottom plate material is aluminum, according to user needs a variety of brands units to choose from, because small Duolika Dongfeng refrigerated trucks chassis market holdings larger, easy maintenance, are more balanced models, affordable, is a recommended model.