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Does low temperature cooling water of suction sewage truck effect engine?

  • Author:Changjie
  • Release on :2016-09-01

In hot summer, some drivers in order to prevent suction sewage truck engine temperature is too high, insisting on the cooling water temperature as low as possible. Some drivers, in order to achieve the purpose of cooling, simply put the thermostat removed, these methods are all wrong.

Since suction sewage truck engine can be too hot or too cold, if the cooling water temperature is too low, which will lead to the deterioration of fuel combustion, increasing fuel consumption, increasing wear, increasing oil viscosity and finally lead to engine power reduced. Lubricating oil viscosity at low temperature, good lubrication, the piston and the cylinder gap, bearing clearance and backlash are smaller, it will accelerate wear. At the same time, unburned fuel, scour the cylinder liner wall, destroyed the film, resulting in poor lubrication, cylinder, piston, piston rings and other parts wear faster. Fuel can not completely burned, will reduce the economy, increased pollution. Diesel engines long-term working below 60 degrees Celsiusis, due to not complete the combustion, would be caused gum. That is attached to the gum into the combustion chamber, valves and fuel injectors, affect engine performance.

If suction sewage truck cooling water temperature is too high, the lubricating oil temperature will become too thin, with the secondary surfaces difficult to form a lubricating film, semi-dry friction or even dry friction occurs. Meanwhile, the cylinder temperature is too high, easy to scorch the cylinder wall lubricants, carbon deposits, prompting the accelerated wear and tear parts, can cause severe pull-cylinder, axle, bush-burning and other accidents.

Suction sewage truck manufacturers for many years experiment shows that the cooling water temperature of the car with 40-50 degrees Celsius, the engine wear by 60% -80%, power is reduced by 25%, 8% -10% increase in fuel consumption. Therefore, the engine cooling water temperature is not as low as possible, the general should be controlled at between 80-90 degrees Celsius.