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Do you know that live yogurt must be transported in refrigerated trucks?

  • Author:Changjie
  • Release on :2016-11-09

hat is live bacteria yogurt? Live milk is a milk produced by lactic acid bacteria after fermentation of dairy products, the milk quality is unmatched by ordinary milk.As the fermentation process, the lactic acid bacteria can produce some protease protease in milk to produce more human body The required peptide and the proportion of more reasonable amino acids, so that the milk protein has a better physiological value.Legal live milk, the protein content ≥ 2.3%, fat content ≥ 2.5%, non-fat milk solids ≥ 6.5%, do not add any preservatives, every 100 ml contains ≥ 300 million beneficial strains of the human body, they enter the human body can improve the gastrointestinal environment, balance acid-base, clear the intestinal waste, inhibit intestinal harmful bacteria growth, play On the human body is extremely useful role.As the live yogurt at room temperature will continue to produce acid, and ultimately their growth is also inhibited and gradually died. In order to slow down the rate of viable cells and to avoid the product of acid, live yogurt must be refrigerated trucks, and placed in the freezer storage and sales. Even so, after a week, the number of viable cells will still decline by about an order of magnitude. Therefore, if you care about the number of live bacteria, yogurt to try to buy fresh only cost-effective. 

There are many consumers often found in the supermarket frozen yogurt tasted over acid, which is usually because the supermarket storage warehouse no refrigeration conditions, or in order to save the yogurt directly outside the freezer storage, after a period of time into the cold storage shelves To. At this time the number of viable cells must have been significantly reduced. There are a number of supermarkets directly to the needs of frozen yogurt on sale at room temperature, which is not related to the relevant provisions. Article 33 of the Beijing Food Safety Regulations stipulates that refrigerating and freezing equipment and facilities that are stored, transported and sold in accordance with the provisions for cryopreservation shall be equipped with refrigerating and freezing equipment and facilities corresponding to their scale of operation and foodstuffs, as well as facilities with continuous measurement and record of temperature Function of the device, and to ensure the normal operation, shall not be shut down for no reason; the equipment or device failure, the affected food should be tested to ensure that the food is not due to failure of quality changes. Foodstuffs operators shall be equipped with refrigerated storage and marketing facilities that are suitable for their scale of operation, and the refrigerating temperature shall comply with the requirements of the Food Labeling and Expressing Regulation Of the storage conditions. Food operators should establish an internal management system for cold chain sales. For food to be stored at low temperature, the temperature of the goods should be checked in accordance with the storage temperature specified in the label. When selling, the food should be stored according to the storage capacity of refrigerated truck equipment. Cryopreservation conditions. If the circumstances are serious, it shall be ordered to suspend production or to suspend business until the license is revoked. If the circumstances are serious, it shall be ordered to suspend business for a fixed period of time and revoke the license. Found that violations of the Ordinance, consumers can report to the Trade and Industry Bureau complaints.