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Do some checking for refrigerator truck before driving

  • Author:Changjie
  • Release on :2016-08-23

Refrigerator trucks, as a special purpose transportation vehicles, must be checked before driving in case for the traffic on the way to generate some unnecessary trouble. Before loaded with cargo everytime,recommend to do the following checks:
1. Fuel supplication of diesel or gasoline for refrigerator truck diesel must be sufficient to ensure that the engine is running at least until the next check point.
2. Refrigerator truck engine oil should be supplied to "full" mark and do not to excess fuel (replacement once a year).
3. Refrigerator trucks coolant check should be checked the coolant level gauge to see whether the correct amount of coolant, the pointer should be in the range of white. If the coolant level in the tank in the red range, equipped with a cooling liquid need to add coolant. Typically the coolant is a mixture of glycol and water (according to the actual product is used in different proportions), and shall provide protection to -34 ℃ without freezing. Note: When the coolant hot, do not open the lid containing coolant child.
4. Refrigerator truck battery terminals must be solid, no corrosion. Electrolyte should be full mark.
5. Belt must be well adjusted to an appropriate degree of swelling. In the span between pulleys central 13mm sag.
6. Check the electrical wiring in the electrical control all electrical connectors, make sure they are fixed firmly. Wires and terminals should be free from corrosion, cracking or burning water.
7. Visually check the structure of the unit to see whether there are leaks, loose parts or breakage and other damage.
8. Install shim spacer unit should be pressed firmly in good condition.
9. Refrigeraed trucks coil condenser and evaporator coils should be clean and free of dirt.
10. Check defrost drain defrost drain hose and fittings to ensure they are clear.
11. Compartment loading goods can not block the evaporator outlet and return air, to keep the cool air inside the cargo compartment circulation, to ensure that no hot spots inside the car.