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Do not worry about the anti-rust and anti-wet precautions of mobile sales truck in rainy season

  • Author:Changjie
  • Release on :2016-08-27

Winter is approaching, recently it rains frequently and constant ups and downs. It is not the inconvenience to pedestrians, but also a remind to us sell truck driver friends. It is a challenge for mobile sales truck maintenance during rainy season.
After the storm, the weather tends to be more hot and the sun is more sinister. After more rain and strong sunlight will accelerate the aging truck sales paint and parts, should do regular routine maintenance of the car, otherwise it is prone to some problems. So, in the rainy season can not be overlooked truck sales maintenance problems. This review summarizes some of the summer rainy season truck sales and maintenance considerations.
Body paint maintenance
Rainwater into the air landing of some acidic substances, so that rainwater containing acidic component, which paint truck sales have a corrosive effect, over time, the growth of these acidic substances cause damage to the paint truck sales.
If vehicle body is injured, such as small scratches or paint collision shedding, should be repaired immediately, because in the rainy season, rain will erode the body, no paint will soon rust protection until rot. So body injuries should be repaired, in emergency case, you can use painting pen for remedy.
Abundant in the rainy season, when driving rain rearview mirror inevitably there will be water. And the owner is difficult to see outside things, serious when can not even determine the circumstances behind the easy road to bring a variety of hazards.
Brake and chassis maintenances
Maintenance of the brake system because of brake fluid and easy integration of water, when the rainy season because of the weather and wet steam tank in braking a lot of accumulation easily into the brake fluid, if there is moisture into the brake fluid in the braking process , the high temperature generated by friction causes the water vaporizer. The gas is compressible, the brake fluid is compressed, it will cause brake failure or even failure. Therefore, after continuous rain to pay attention to the braking system to check the oil.
Chassis cleaning must be timely cleaning, first wash away some of the acidic substance, and second driving rain after the inside of the tire and chassis have sludge remaining at the top, where it is easy to rust. Therefore, we must pay attention to the sale of truck chassis cleaning and anti-rust treatment. If the original car is not done sealed plastic chassis of the vehicle is best to do a sealed plastic chassis, such as chassis armor.
Check the windshield wiper system
Windshield wiper, as a necesity in rainy days, must be timely checked all warious switches and the condition of gear during routine maintenance.
Also note that the lower part of the windshield wipers to clean the lower portion of the stream at the sink and drain hole is usually to prevent rainwater to the front windshield below cause rainwater to penetrate the interior. In particular vehicle after the winter, after the spring flow under the sink often deposited a lot of dirt and leaves, then easily blocked drainage holes, but once the water too easy to get into the car, then it is possible to cause the electronic control system failure or damaged. Therefore time to clear the drainage holes to avoid water. Wiper is a small accessories, but must be chosen for the car models qualified accessories.
To sum up:
Regularly do maintenance for mobile sales truck in rainy days. Vehicle meeting  any suspicious circumstances or failure should be timely solved and can't easy that. Rainy weather is hot and humid, easy to breed bacteria, after the rain stopped the car to start immediately on the moisture-proof dehumidification, sterilization work.