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Diesel engine high temperature high temperature do?

  • Author:CJE
  • Release on :2017-04-06

Here by small series for the share of diesel engine high temperature how to deal with the problem of high temperature, want to be able to help you, so as not to bring great loss to you.

Sweltering under the dilemma you may have encountered engine high temperature, especially in heavy-load ramp more prone to, then why does our engines will frequent high temperatures?

Truck design radiating area of the water tank and engine has the perfect match, is the high coolant temperature does not occur under normal conditions.

But in normal driving, a lot of dust, dead insects, Yang Xu catkins in spring we in driving the fan into the heat sink cooling fins, resulting in blocking the radiator cooling efficiency and high temperature of the engine.

First, frequently under the high temperature of the engine run the engine oil viscosity drops cause mechanical wear accelerated, such as reduced bearing life of cylinder liner-piston, serious cylinder cylinder viscosity and so on.

Second, the accelerated ageing of rubber cylinder drag hydrosphere, injector O-rings, O-rings of the oil radiator life rapidly reduced at high temperature, resulting in leakage.

Third, cylinder head valve runs under the nose at a high temperature for a long time in the presence of stress cracking, leading to cylinder head is scrapped.

Once clogged with debris from the outside of the radiator do?

There are two common methods.

First, in the case do not remove the radiator with compressed air or high-pressure blowing or flushing out from, advantage is that the process is relatively simple, saves time and effort.

Disadvantage is the blocking effect of the engine in operation is limited, is easier because the wrong angle influencing cooling fin blow effect, this programme is mainly used in closed less serious cases.

Second, remove the radiator with compressed air or high-pressure vertical flush, the advantage is very good cleaning effect, shortcoming is the process is too cumbersome, time-consuming, if radiator jams this solution is preferred.

General Programme comparison small addendum to the above it is recommended that all in one step, remove radiator radiator flush.

As the first method is simple, but the effect is not good and there is a danger of damage radiator, second trouble spot but the process works well, easy and will not harm the heat sink, so this method is more suitable for you.