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Diagnostic symptoms of fuel tank truck spark plug damaged

  • Author:Changjie
  • Release on :2016-09-13

When you find a scar on the top of fuel tank truck spark plug or damaged electrode melting occurs, ablation phenomenon, all that has been destroyed tanker spark plug, then you
should replace the spark plug. During the replacement process changes the driver can check the spark plug ablation disease as well as color.

Symptom 1: melting of the electrode and insulator white
Diagnosis: This phenomenon shows that the combustion chamber temperature is too high. This may be too much coke combustion chamber, causing the valve clearance is too small, and
further lead to overheating of the exhaust valve cooling apparatus or bad work caused. In the tanker spark plug according to the specified torque When tightening will cause melting of the electrode, the insulator appears white phenomenon.
Symptom 2: rounded electrode and insulator junction scar
Diagnosis: This indicates that the tanker engine pre-ignition, ignition timing may be too early or too low octane gasoline tanker spark plug heat value is too high and other reasons caused.
Symptom 3: broken insulator to the top
Diagnosis: Generally speaking, knocking combustion is the main reason for broken insulator. The premature ignition timing, low octane gasoline, the combustion chamber
temperature is too high, it can cause burning tanker engine knock.
Symptom 4: gray and black striped top has an insulator
Diagnosis: This streaks showed the spark plug has been leaking tanker, the driver needs to unconditionally replaced with new parts. 

There are deposits on fuel tank truck spark plug 

Tanker spark plug insulators between the top electrode and sometimes glue deposits. Drivers not to underestimate such deposits.
This may cause severe engine is not working properly. After cleaning the spark plug, the tanker can be temporarily normal operation, but soon after there will be a similar situation. In fact, just a spark plug appears superficial sediment, which may be a signal other mechanical components tanker problems.
Symptom 1: oily deposits on the spark plug tanker
Diagnosis: When fuel tank truck deposits appear on the spark plug, it means that the lubricating oil has entered the combustion chamber. If you have oily deposits on the spark
plug is only an individual, it may be caused by the valve stem oil seal damage. But if each cylinder spark plug such deposits are sticky, then the cylinder oil jump occurs. Generally, in the case of the tanker air filter and ventilation blocked, prone to the phenomenon of cylinder oil jump.
Symptom 2: Black deposits on the spark plug tanker
Diagnosis: Tanker spark plug electrodes and the internal black deposit, usually indicates that the cylinder gas mixture is too thick. Drivers can increase the operating speed of the engine, and a few minutes, in order to burn off the top layer of the electrode to remain in the black soot layer.