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Descaling? That fecal suction truck how to descale?

  • Author:Chang Jie
  • Release on :2017-01-14

As the fecal suction car water temperature inside the tank has been maintained at a high temperature, so that will make the water hydrocarbon and calcium, magnesium plasma combined to form insoluble calcium carbonate and magnesium carbonate, commonly known as water base. And then with the continuous evaporation and concentration of water, water alkali content increased and reached saturation after the formation of scale. Therefore, the addition of pure calcium and magnesium containing higher concentration of water instead of adding ordinary tap water is more likely to form scale, so to the suction truck tank add this pure water to inhibit the formation of tank scale has no effect.

The Harm of Scaling in Recycled Waterway of Fecal

As we all know, suction fecal water tank under normal operating conditions is from the cooling effect, but once the suction fecal car tank around the scale, it will greatly affect the radiator cooling effect. Because the scale of the low thermal conductivity, only 1/25 of cast iron, brass 1/50, formed in the cylinder liner and cylinder cover water scale, so that the local area due to poor heat dissipation and temperature rise, will cause the engine Weak parts crack and cylinder head deformation. It not only makes the cooling system cooling performance deterioration, the emergence of local high temperature, deterioration of the lubrication conditions, the engine temperature, accelerate the suction truck engine system wear; also plug the cooling pipe or cooling system piping, greatly reducing the transmission Thermal efficiency, so that suction fecal engine overheating directly harm the safety of drivers.

Scale cleaning method
    1, manual cleaning method: need to remove the fecal car tank down, with artificial hammer, scraping, shovel and other removal scale; descaling efficiency is low, labor-intensive, easy to clean, easy to cause secondary damage to the tank.
    2, ordinary scale cleaning agent: to be demolished water tank, remove the incomplete, peculiar smell, strong corrosive, easy to cause aging of the water tank, shorten its service life.
    3, professional fecal suction truck tank cleaner: without demolition can be cleaned, but also in the conditions of cleaning without stopping. Can be directly into the dedicated scale cleaning agent suction fecal car water circulation system, allowed to soak, idle cycle or driving 20-30 minutes later, the suction truck tank and the system internal detergents discharged, add water repeatedly washed clean Can effectively remove the engine water cycle system in the scale, rust, mud and a variety of harmful substances.