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Degreasing tanker truck (fuel truck) electrostatic protecting safe driving

  • Author:Chang Jie
  • Release on :2016-10-22

In the autumn and winter car, the owner found driving will accidentally be static electricity to. Degreasing tanker truck(fuel truck) electrostatic security operation safety
This issue of "Car Week" to teach you how to prevent the car science car static. Due to the cause of static electricity more, so to remove the car static method is also more
numerous, here are a few simple and easy to use methods:
Three tips to "escape" static electricity

First of all, the most simple trick is: in the grip of the car door, you can first take the metal part of the key to touch the door, a simple action can not easily electric
shock when driving; get off, first touch the door Of the metal part, and then open the door. Qiao degreasing tanker truck(fuel truck) electrostatic protection to run safe.

Utilize tools to eliminate static electricity of tanker truck.

We can also use the relevant tools in addition to electricity, such as car wax and electrostatic discharge. Some car wax has a certain anti-static capacity, in the autumn and
winter season, the owner can be based on the different effects of car wax to choose static products. In addition, part of the vehicle's tail has an antenna-like object, or fixed
at the rear hanging on the ground contact with the surface of the strip-shaped objects are designed specifically for electrostatic electrostatic discharge device can prevent
most of the static electricity on the car. Second, try to keep the car "moisture." Some owners will ask, the car can not touch the water invisible, how to retain? In fact, we
usually only need to put a wet towel on the dashboard, or spray with a sprayer in the car regularly on the water, you can increase the humidity inside the car to reduce the
effect of static electricity inside the car. At the same time, usually when tanker truck less open air circulation within the cycle, you can also keep the car water.

Third, chemical fiber fabrics most likely to cause static electricity. For example, our car cushion, mat and other supplies, in the autumn and winter season, do not use, switch
to leather or cotton products.