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Dangerous goods transport vehicles burning the supposed

  • Author:Chang Jie
  • Release on :2017-04-27

Dangerous goods transport vehicles due to the particularity of transport substances, in the event of spontaneous combustion or collision burning, the user if the blind fire, it is easy to cause casualties. Therefore, in order to ensure personal and vehicle safety, users need to master the correct way of first aid and fire fighting.

FAW 8X4 18.1m3 Corrosion material tank truck

Non-combustible gas: carbon dioxide

If the transport medium is carbon dioxide and other non-combustible gas, the user must check the tank before the full transport of the existence of leakage. In the event of carbon dioxide poisoning, first let the poisoning away from the poison zone, and immediately oxygen. If breathing stops, should be rapid artificial respiration, do chest cardiac massage, if necessary, can be used to treat hyperbaric oxygen.

Contact with carbon dioxide clothes, poisoning should immediately take off, with 40 ~ 42 ℃ hot water immersion skin, quick medical treatment. In addition, the user should try to park in the open area, cut off the power.

Flammable gas: natural gas

Natural gas is a very easy to burn gas, transport gas users to be extra careful. In the event of natural gas leakage or burning, the user should first cut off the gas source, if you can not cut off the gas source, it is not allowed to extinguish the leak of the flame, or gas leakage encountered an explosion may explode. After cutting off the gas source, the user can spray the water to cool the container, with mist water, foam, carbon dioxide for fire.

At the same time, the user should leave the scene as soon as possible to the fresh air, keep the airway, breathing difficulties need timely delivery. If the skin frostbite need timely medical treatment.

Flammable liquid: diesel

Diesel, gasoline and other hazardous chemicals transport is the main liquid medium. If the vehicle spontaneous combustion or collision, the user should promptly turn off the engine and power, and as soon as possible from the scene. Users can use foam, dry powder, carbon dioxide and other fire fighting, water fire is invalid.

Wet flammable: nitrocellulose

Nitrocellulose is a kind of water and other liquids prone to burning substances. Transport of nitrocellulose carriers If there is a leak or an accident, the driver or user should remove the contaminated clothing as soon as possible and rinse with running water.

Eyes if exposed to such substances, to use mobile water or saline rinse, and timely medical treatment. At the same time, the user as soon as possible from the accident scene to the fresh air.

The way to deal with nitrocellulose combustion is to move the vehicle as empty as possible, need to fire in the explosion-proof hide, to ensure their own safety, immediately alarm, waiting for the arrival of rescue workers. According to the reasons for the fire to choose the appropriate fire extinguishing agent fire.

There are drugs: stupid

Benzene is a toxic colorless transparent liquid. Accident of vehicles containing hazardous chemicals, users should quickly leave the scene to fresh air, keep the airway open. If the eyes or skin touches such liquids, rinse immediately with running water.

In the event of an accident, the user should move the container from the fire as far as possible to the open, cut off the power. At the same time with foam, dry powder, carbon dioxide, sand and save.

Explosives: detonators

Transport of detonators If the vehicle explodes after a fire, it can be washed with plenty of water, but it must be kept at a distance. Make full use of the cover, is strictly prohibited to cover.

Accident in the event of personal injury, if the trauma should be done in time to stop bleeding, fixed and escort work, timely delivery to hospital. For critically ill persons, to take timely measures to keep the airway, to be vigilant and to prevent the occurrence of burn shock, the wounded in time to the hospital for treatment.

Crisis, master these first aid treatment and fire fighting methods can save lives, but not blind action. First of all to ensure that their lives safe, evacuated to the safe area, and then immediately call for help, and promptly remind the surrounding traffic pedestrians pay attention to safety, conditions permitting to participate in the rescue. Should not be greedy, critical juncture vital life.