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Daily fuel tank maintenance matters needing attention

  • Author:changjie
  • Release on :2016-05-14
1, timely replacement fuel oil, engine oil once cried, thinned, containing sand, should immediately stop using, an oil change or not use a metamorphic engine oil for a long time, not only can't fuel engine lubrication will be damaged. Advice when oil change at the same time more replacement filter, then in order to prevent dirt destroy the new from the old machine filter oil quality, otherwise the new oil white changed. 

2, the use of lower engine oil viscosity, low viscosity oil has good liquidity, can effectively reduce fuel engine wear and tear. 

3, before the cold start, must to preheat the tanker. Mainly is to reduce wear and tear, fuel engine can achieve normal fit clearance, maintain the best working condition.

4, use some maintenance products. Here also want to remind the driver to the service station maintenance is a very wise choice, this is because the "three points, seven FenYang", with the constant improvement of the oil tank truck maintenance technology level, "to a generation of" concept is becoming more and more thorough popular feeling, such as maintain and oil tank truck service excellent maintenance work is ordinary maintenance repair shop cannot be compared.