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Crane truck transmission maintenance must know 4

  • Author:CJE
  • Release on :2017-03-11

How better co-ordination between engine and transmission systems, extend the service life of the crane, dump to ensure safe driving! crane truck engine and transmission which subtle fit:

1, met crane truck for long engine and transmission system in traveling crane truck to facilitate the process in the event of a long slope, steep slope, do not put the car into neutral, but to use engine and transmission by selecting lower gears while launching mechanism gained momentum, so as to effectively prevent brake failure due to braking friction heat for a long time. Use engine braking to control speed, so as to achieve the goal of safe driving.

2, dump hanging from the side of the road in the event of brake failure, first to calm this time is to use the engine and transmission meet, hanging the dump into the bottom gear gear so as to effectively control the speed of the car to make it a long stop in emergency situations could play a key role.

3 high pressure series of multifunctional crane, heavy rain, snow, and is apt to slip road, do not slam on the brakes, or vehicle out of control, should as far as possible the use of engine and transmission braking can reduce a shift driving a vehicle because the engine brake is generated by the engine braking effect, causes the slipping wheel lock. As with the foot brake, it is best to intermittent brake, not a foot of dead to prevent vehicles skidding.

4, and since unloading hanging encountered ahead red Shi ahead of drop block brake since unloading hanging many when is in urban driving work, so will encountered many of red, this when will through ahead of drop block brake, using engine for brake, dang see ahead red bright up, can ahead of release throttle pedal, using engine and gearbox relationship select Low Block bit let vehicles glide, save clear oil, reduced wear.