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Crane truck tire slip response

  • Author:CJE
  • Release on :2017-04-07
Prevent crane truck wheels must first figure out why skid. Truck with crane manufacturers and technicians noted that theoretically is tires for road surface adhesion is reduced, traffic caused by the deviation from the driving direction. Due to drivers due to inappropriate measures taken, such as brakes too hard, accelerating too fast or too fast, and so on.

Skid has three conditions:

Is the rear wheel skidding can yaw the vehicle road flick, at this point, the driver was unable to control.

Second, four wheel skid due to braking process four deadlocked against turning the wheels.

Three front-wheel skid, will often occur when detour or turning too quickly, the road when.

First crane truck rear wheel slip, that is when the rear half of the body from slipping, experts suggest the owner friends, regardless of the vehicle skidded in which direction, and you have to swerve in the direction of the skid and remember do not brake, all actions as gently as possible.

Then when four wheel skids, owners will feel the vehicles goes forward faster than usual. When we let the front wheels to find land, throttle, do not slam on the brakes, tap the clutch, all actions as gently as possible. Car driving slowly until slipping off.

In addition, if the front wheels slip, the steering wheel will not turn, the vehicle straight ahead until the collision obstacles when parking. Remember after the wheels, steering wheel can rotate, until the resumption of normal, repeatedly stepping on the brakes so that oil path to achieve the most effective work ...