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Crane truck long term consequences of not replacing fuel tank

  • Author:CJE
  • Release on :2017-04-17

Many drivers on the crane truck did not maintain this value nor understand crane truck maintenance today to tell all about crane truck maintenance it is easy to be ignored by an oil-transmission oil.

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What are the long-term consequences of not changing transmission fuel tank:

1, poor lubrication. Gearbox oil will increase with the time of use and constantly break down, if not replace, its viscosity and lubricity will continue to decline and will attach to the important part. Dirty liquid friction causes a floating metal chip carved in the oil bearing, seats, gears and other components, has the potential to lead to transmission jitter, cannot shift, shifting and gear and bearing faults

2, long-term change transmission fuel tank will not lead to transmission inside plug. Inside the gearbox can form a variety of dirt, plus metal particles can block transmission, check valves and filters, and transmission within an abnormally high pressure. Automatic transmission through precise pressure for action is required, abnormal pressure will make the transmission seal failure; the manual transmission once blocked could shift malfunction or gear shift, in that case, likely to cause traffic accidents from happening.

In order to better car maintenance, but also for your personal safety, the owner should be on its own in time for car care: replace the gearbox oil, owners are also available in the normal course of life, the knowledge of how to learn about auto maintenance, so that the car can live longer.