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Corrosion protection water truck

  • Author:Changjie
  • Release on :2016-07-27

KAMA 4.38m3 water truck for sale

China kama watere truck for sale

Corrosion protection water truck to note the following:

1, to avoid the water truck stop in wet and airtight garage. If the car wash in the garage, through the wet or snowy roads, the garage will be made wet, resulting in water truck rust. Even the garage is very dry, if poorly ventilated, damp and water truck, will therefore rust.

2, ground washing, regular cleaning water truck,water truck can be kept clean to prevent rust or corrosion. Winter driving or traveling on the road close to the sea when containing saline, should at least ensure that the water trycj cleaned once a month, in order to reduce the chance of rust. When cleaning the outer water trcuk is best to use high-pressure water or hot spot attached to the vehicle body, it should be cleaned, because these spots are accumulated dirt or dust, if not clear, it is more likely to cause corrosion. To clear the drain hole when cleaning water truck ministries, because water can cause corrosion of the vehicle body. After a year of winter, it is best to conduct a thorough cleaning water truck.

3. Install fenders. If long-term travel in saline or gravel roads, should be given to the installation of water truck fender, which can effectively be kept clean water truck. Fender size, the more close to the ground as possible.
4, timely repair damaged body paint. If water truck body paint layer cracks and other signs of fast-drying paint repair immediately to prevent rusting starts. If corroded metal parts, should go to the repair shop up painting.