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Corrosion prevention of dump truck in the rainy season

  • Author:Changjie
  • Release on :2016-05-22
Dongfeng dump truck manufacturer
Dump Truck Rusty generally occur in two parts: body and vehicle chassis two parts of the dump truck. Dumper body means skirt, four-wheel fenders, door cavity, trunk, hood, front cowl.
Different circumstances and reasons will make the car easy to rust:
Sinotruk dump truck manufacturer
1, erosion of harmful substances
Saline generated on the road, the dust-containing chemical substances, can accelerate the car to rust, especially contaminated saline erosion, dust and moisture, make the dump truck body part corrosion. In coastal areas where the air contains salt, acid rain, industrial pollution and other harmful chemicals formed will increase the corrosion of the dump truck. In the northern alpine region, in order to make ice road is not easy, they usually spray brine on the road, while the car opened, can also cause corrosion of the dump truck body and so on.
2, rust after mechanical damage
Tipper stones or accidental collision scratch the surface protective layer of paint, can lead to corrosion.
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3, environmental factors cause corrosion.
Areas with high relative humidity, will accelerate the rusting cars, especially the tendency at temperatures just above freezing temperature rusty more serious. In humid areas, should be kept Tipper dry, avoid partial body rust, corrosion. If the ventilation is poor, with a high temperature so that the drying dump truck, dump truck body is easy to make local rust, corrosion.
Rust treatment is very important for a new car factory, the daily driver if not pay attention to corrosion protection, it can lead to corrosion rusty dump truck body. In general, most are from the nearby dump truck chassis began to rust corrosion. Each sewage, summer rain in some ingredients, winter city road deicing salt component when washing, etc. will be more or less left in the bottom of the dump truck, a long time in the past, it will cause corrosion damage to the dump truck . To avoid this phenomenon, just regular chassis care, if necessary, install a protective film in the dump truck chassis to improve the ability of anti-rust dump truck.