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Correctly Adjusting the Mirror Position to Eliminate the Blind Zone of the Refrigerated truck

  • Author:Chang Jie
  • Release on :2016-10-29

Visual blind spot caused by traffic accidents are not uncommon for the refrigerated truck drivers, the "blind spot" is likely to cause traffic accidents. So many drivers of
refrigerated trucks in order to eliminate blind spots, spend money to buy a lot of equipment. In fact, as long as the appropriate adjustment of refrigerated trucks standard
rear-view mirror, you can as much as possible to eliminate blind spots.

Step 1, adjust the left side mirror

Handle the upper and lower position of the horizon in the distance, the left and right position is adjusted to the body to occupy the scope of the mirror 1/4.

Step 2, adjust the right side mirror

Because the refrigerated truck driver's seat is located on the left side, the refrigerated vehicle driver's grasp of the right side of the car is not so easy, plus sometimes the
need for roadside parking, right rear view mirror in the adjustment, the ground floor area should be Leaving a larger, accounting for about 2/3 of the mirror. As for the left
and right position, the same adjustment to the body can account for 1/4 mirror area.

Step 3, adjust the central rear-view mirror

The left and right positions are adjusted to the left edge of the mirror just to the right ear of the image in the mirror. This means that in the case of a normal refrigerated
truck, the driver can not see himself from the central rearview mirror. The upper and lower position is the distance of the horizon can be placed in the central mirror.

Step 4, how to minimize the line of sight dead

Many people think that to eliminate the corner of sight, as far as possible to the left and right rear view mirror to tune or down. In addition, studies have shown that, perhaps
in order to maintain a neat appearance at any time, perhaps Amy eager, there are many refrigerated truck drivers to adjust the central rearview mirror to be able to take their
own in, this is the wrong approach. The normal should be in the refrigerated truck driver only in the eye without turning back the case, you can see the front 200 degrees left and
right range, in other words, there are about 160 degrees is invisible. In fact, the left and right rear-view mirror with central rear-view mirror, can only provide an additional
about 60 degrees of visual range, then the remaining 100 degrees how to do it? We have to rely on our own more attention.
(Note:This adjust method is reference for LHD vehicles.  For RHD vehicles,try oppositely)