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Concrete mixer when driving the eight attention

  • Author:Chang Jie
  • Release on :2017-04-28

Concrete mixer owners know how to use the process of maintaining their own mixer, but for novice friends, maintenance back to the maintenance, use of the use, use and maintenance is two different things. In fact, the use and maintenance of concrete mixer is closely related, to know how to skillfully use the concrete mixer, in order to save a lot of unnecessary trouble. Next with Xiaobian together to see the concrete mixer when driving the eight attention, so that the car can also use the process of maintenance.

Concrete mixer truck

1, operating equipment continuous working time should not exceed 8h.

2, transport concrete capacity, quality and slump should meet the standards and requirements of the concrete industry.

3, the water tank to fill the water often to prepare for emergency use. Water tank before adding water, it is necessary to open the release valve to open the air inside the box; flush open valve, flushing may be disabled when the water should be put out of the tank. Winter parking, water tanks and water supply system, there must be no water left to avoid cracking. Note: The tank is only pressurized in the water supply, do not carry pressurized water tank on the road.

4, in the process of transporting concrete to stop the stop, to avoid the formation of concrete cohesion, stop the restart will form a hydraulic system, reducer impact, resulting in damage to the hydraulic pump and motor.

5, full of concrete is to turn, if you want to turn, it is necessary to operate the handle to stop, and then operate the handle turn. Do not turn the handle in the forward direction.

6, discharge, such as the discovery of water transpiration, slump low can not be satisfied with the user requirements, may be appropriate to the tube of water, and then 10-14r / min speed rotation 30 after discharge, so that the concrete fully mixed.

7, mixing car in the no-load operation process, the mixing tube shall not stop to avoid fluctuations in the formation of raceway and roller part of the bump, resulting in abnormal damage to the roller and raceway.

8, on the road when driving, lengthening chute need to be placed in the unloading chute bracket and hanging with a hook, not allowed to hang in the main discharge chute on the run; main discharge chute to rotate to a fixed position, pull down the positioning handle, With the locking handle will be tension spring luffing mechanism to avoid, because it is not fixed and swing, the formation of injuries and other vehicles affect the operation of energy.

The above considerations I believe we will be harvested, the deeper the knowledge, the use of concrete mixer will be more relaxed and easy maintenance.