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Compression garbage truck filling the specific work of the compression mechanism

  • Author:Chang Jie
  • Release on :2016-10-11

With the progress of civilization and society, at present, rear loading compressed garbage truck has become China's urban garbage collection, transportation, one of the main tools.
Compressed garbage truck adopts electromechanical integration technology, mainly through the garbage box, fillers, shovel, hydraulic system and other special equipment, with the aid of machine, electric and hydraulic joint automatic control system, through the car, filling and pushing shovel Dedicated devices to achieve garbage into, crushed or crushed, strong loading, the garbage into the compartments and compaction and shirk. The main feature is the garbage collection method is simple and efficient, with automatic recurrent compression and peristaltic compression, high compression ratio, load quality, job automation, power, environmental protection, vehicle utilization efficiency, good sealing characteristics. Won many new and old customers and the public's favorite!
Then, we will take you to understand: rear loading compression garbage truck filling the work of the compression mechanism, divided into 4 stages.
In the first stage, the wobble plate is swung up and ready to be inserted into the loose garbage.
In the second stage, the guide plate moves the wobble plate downward, and the loose garbage is inserted into the collecting box.
At the third stage, the wobble plate is swung downwards in an arc, scraping it into the main compartment.
In stage 4, the guide plate moves the wobble plate upward to fill the garbage into the main compartment, thus completing a filling cycle.