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Compression garbage truck Four Common Problems and Solutions

  • Author:Changjie
  • Release on :2016-06-14

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A job big noise

Domestic waste compactors widespread job big noise and nuisance problems. In the design, manufacture garbage car, should be carefully chosen vehicle chassis, engines and power take off, take measures to enhance the smoothness of motion of the system, reduce noise, use noise can absorb the material, the structure should be designed to reduce vibration: through the hydraulic system and Optimal design loading mechanism, improve the machining accuracy and assembly quality, reduce vehicle operating noise in order to achieve the purpose.

Second, poor reliability hermetic

Since the domestic garbage has the characteristics of a solid-liquid mixture, in order to achieve income, transportation process without garbage drip percolation transition can be solved by the following method.

(1) filling in flip between the filler and loader bucket install a bezel edge to prevent leakage of garbage,

(2) compartment floor should have a slope in order to prevent leakage of leachate.

(3) the product is installed in the lower sewage tank filling device for drip between the storage compartment and filling the sewage.

(4) enhance sealing Loder and connecting carriages to prevent leakage during compression garbage and landfill leachate dripping.

Third, the use of low quality carrier

Reduce compression garbage truck from the quality, improve the utilization of its load, it will reduce vehicle operating costs. Since the compression type garbage car fitted with complex structure, since a larger mass, therefore, the design of the vehicle chassis should give priority to high technological content, good power, since the quality of light, the higher cost of domestic chassis: the use of high-strength materials to reduce tops from quality; fenders, decorative pieces, cover and other aid may be less dense injection molded parts, a higher degree of integration of the components, in order to reduce the space occupied and self-quality, at the same time help to improve the hydraulic system performance.

Fourth, operating comfort

Improve the comfort of driving operation, reduce labor intensity of the driver of the operator. To improve handling performance, mechanically operated variable electronic control, electronic surveillance systems and equipment