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Compressed garbage truck daily maintenance precautions

  • Author:Chang Jie
  • Release on :2017-04-25

First, the compressed garbage truck chassis and engine parts in accordance with the relevant models of the chassis manual for maintenance;

Second, the compressed garbage truck before work every day to check the hydraulic tank oil surface height. Check the method: push the cylinder, scraper cylinder and skateboard cylinder in the whole shrink position, the filler in the closed state, observe the oil tank on the oil surface height should be between the upper and lower oil standard. Not enough oil to refuel;

Third, the case of normal temperature, compressed garbage truck hydraulic system using 46 # anti-wear hydraulic oil, in cold weather (0 ℃ below) the use of 32 # anticoagulant hydraulic oil. Different grades of oil can not be mixed together. To the tank when the addition of hydraulic oil, must be filtered through the 10μm filter to ensure that the addition of hydraulic oil clean and pollution-free;

Fourth, the compressed garbage truck new car after three months after the replacement of hydraulic oil and oil filter cartridge; later for each use for six months, to be replaced with hydraulic oil and cleaning filter. Replace the procedure as follows:

In the replacement of hydraulic oil, push the fuel tank, scraper cylinder, lifting cylinder and skateboard cylinder in the fully shrink state, remove the hydraulic tank oil drain plug, put the old oil finished. Remove the crude oil filter from the tank, clean the coarse filter, drain the oil plug and the tank. After cleaning or replacing the replacement, add clean oil to the oil scale range, drain the mixed air in the pipeline. The exhaust process can start the engine running at idle, the pump for slow operation for exhaust. After the hydraulic oil is replaced, the hydraulic system is commissioned until it can work normally. At the same time check whether the fasteners loose, the seal with or without oil, found abnormal repair in a timely manner;

5, compressed garbage truck High pressure hose every two years of regular replacement, found that cracks, aging, local damage or expansion of drums and other phenomena should be promptly replaced;

6, often check the compressed garbage truck hydraulic system oil spill situation, and timely repair and replacement of oil seal;

7, compressed garbage truck skateboard, push the guide rail, the shaft lubrication grease should be regularly added grease, should be maintained 1 to 2 times a week. Lubricant use calcium-based grease, butter gun can be used from the nozzle into the gap until the extrusion;

8, the cylinder is working properly, do not miss the oil, do not need to disassemble and maintenance work, when found in the oil tank or leakage more serious, for the demolition maintenance, replacement seals;

Nine, regularly check the hydraulic system working pressure, the vehicle hydraulic system design pressure of 14 MPa. By checking the pressure on the pressure gauge near the multi-way valve to determine whether the hydraulic system pressure meets the design pressure. If the working pressure of the hydraulic system does not match the design pressure, the relief valve on the multi-way valve should be adjusted so that the working pressure is consistent with the design pressure.