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Common sense of advertising on insulation car to adaily use

  • Author:Chang Jie
  • Release on :2016-12-30

1, to avoid possible problems, we can choose to passive protection and active protection, as far as possible to the led display screen damage items away from the screen, and
clean the screen when they are gently wiped as possible, the damage the possibility to a minimum. (refrigerated truck)

   2, do a good job cleaning and maintenance work is also very necessary. For a long time exposure to outdoor wind, sun, dust and other easy to be dirty, a period of time down, the screen is definitely a dust, which requires timely cleaning to prevent surface dust for a long time to watch the effect of the package.

   3, the requirements of power supply stability, good grounding protection, in the harsh natural conditions, especially strong lightning weather do not use.

   4, screen body is strictly prohibited water, iron and other metal materials easy to conductive.

   5, it is recommended often Jie led advertising display every day rest time is greater than 2 hours, in the rainy season led display at least once a week or more. Generally at least once a month to open the screen, light more than 2 hours.
   6, Chang Jie led advertising car display to be regularly checked whether the normal work, the line without damage, if not work to be replaced in a timely manner to repair
damaged or replaced.

   7, do not play a long time in full white, all red, all green, all blue and other bright screen, so as to avoid excessive current, power cord heat is too large, LED lamp damage, affecting the life of the display. Do not disassemble, splice screen body!

   8, Chang Jie led advertising display computer control computer and other related equipment, should ensure that the ventilation cooling and stability.

   9, often Jie led advertising display internal lines, non-professionals to prohibit touch, so as not to electric shock, or cause damage to the line; if there are problems, please professional maintenance.

Proper packaging is essential to protect the goods.
For frozen goods with non-ventilated box, fresh side of the cargo ventilation box. The crates must be compressive. As the frozen cargo is not allowed to blow from the surface of
the wind, because the wind across the surface of frozen goods, the loss of moisture in the goods, resulting in lower quality goods. This year, our country on the development of bulk frozen food are not allowed to sell, there must be packaging sales is the truth. The fresh items because of its own characteristics, the product storage and transportation process is still in the breathing state, if not well ventilated, the goods will deteriorate damage. So must ensure that such goods have a good ventilation and ventilation.
The temperature controller is set at the required temperature, pre-cooling the car 1.5 hours to drain away the heat in the trunk; loading the refrigeration unit will be closed, rapid loading.
During loading, the compartment must be pre-cooled or preheated. Because the vehicle parked in the open air, usually compartment temperature is the ambient temperature. If the
temperature of the goods transported is not the ambient temperature, the goods loaded into the compartment, the ambient temperature will affect the temperature of the transport
of goods, resulting in the quality of the goods transported change. Therefore, Dongguan insulation car in the pre-cooling truck to be loaded before the required temperature.

However, at the time of loading (unloading) the refrigeration unit of refrigerated truck must be switched off. Many people in the loading and unloading of goods are not closed refrigeration unit, in
fact, this is a very wrong operation.