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Common mistakes of dump truck repair method

  • Author:Changjie
  • Release on :2016-05-21
First, blind demolished dump truck engine thermostat
If the engine temperature is high due Tipper blindly dismantle the thermostat, coolant circulation only big, cannot adjust the cooling intensity, it is difficult to ensure the dump truck engine is operating at a temperature of more appropriate, but to make dump truck engine often at a low temperature state work, resulting in decreased engine power dump truck, accelerated wear and tear, fuel consumption increases. If the dump truck engine thermostat faulty repair or replacement after the dump truck engine temperature is higher, it should repair other parts of the cooling system, not dismantle the thermostat. 
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Second, Tipper low engine temperature afraid of heights afraid
Some people think that the dump truck while driving is not afraid of low engine temperature afraid of heights. In fact, the dump truck engine temperature is low, is also a great harm. Dump truck traffic should be based on the normal temperature specified in the instructions, in order to ensure dump truck engine life. 

Third, the water pump fan belt tight as possible
Belt is not as tight as possible. Belt too tight will not only make or break stretch, shorten the life of the belt, but also because the tension is too large, leading to the generator shaft, pump shaft bending deformation and bearing early damage. Dump Truck engine fan belt tightness should meet the technical requirements, the normal deflection when the belt assembly is 10-15mm appropriate. 

Fourth, dump truck engine idling warming
Idle time by heating due to low speed, oil pump lubricating oil cannot be quickly pressed into the surface of the lubrication, oil pressure is low, so each dump truck engine moving parts work under dry or semi-dry friction state; fuel due to poor low temperature atomization, unburned fuel (mixed gas) into the crankcase, wash away the oil film on the cylinder wall, will accelerate the mechanical wear and tear. So, a few seconds after the engine is started dump truck, fast idle heating applications (on dump trucks have dedicated fast idle device, machine after the temperature rises, it will automatically adjust to the idle state), dump truck engine lubrication conditions improve. 

Fifth, with a blowtorch baking oil bottom
Winter dump truck with a blowtorch baking oil bottom, not only will the oil additive chemical changes, lose their properties, but also so that oil cement, oil at the end deformation, easily lead to fires. The best approach is based on the choice of the local winter minimum temperature compatible oil. In areas where conditions permit, it is best to have a dump truck parked in the garage holding facilities