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Common Dump Truck Fuel Saving Methods

  • Author:Chang Jie
  • Release on :2016-11-10

Commonly used methods are eight kinds of fuel-efficient tipper dump truck:

1, understanding of road conditions before the trip to avoid the car more lines.

2, as far as possible for the tipper dump truck "burden."

3, should not be anxious to step on the accelerator, brakes and rapid acceleration, high-speed road to economic speed as far as possible, should not block low-speed high-speed

4, see the red light early oil, the rational use of non-stop off the block sliding approach, less on the brakes.

5, as high gear drive, manual transmission of the dump truck speed should be in time for the high gear.

6, to avoid prolonged idling. Stop waiting for the engine to turn off as much as possible and do not let it has been idle.

7, the use of air conditioning when the gear should be moderate. High-speed driving without window.

8, EFI cars do not have to warm up the road, but also should not be a big throttle start, the engine run more waste oil at low temperatures.

Usually maintenance is critical

In fact, the number of fuel consumption and many factors, in addition to the weight of the dump truck, dump truck shape, the engine's thermal power, road conditions, driving
habits and so on, the vehicle condition is an important factor affecting the dump truck fuel consumption. Car riders usually should pay attention to strengthening the
maintenance and care of the heavy duty tipper dump truck.