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Cold weather need to warm the car after the tanker start

  • Author:Changjie
  • Release on :2016-05-18

"Warm car has a good one and bad one hand," said the tanker manufacturers, “The advantage is to extend the life of the engine, the downside is to increase the fuel consumption, improper operation and even produce carbon deposition.” 
Fuel tank trailer manufacturer
    Experts said that, in general, after a night of winter tanker launching cylinder outage, there will be some oil deposited. When you start the car when the car cool state, the atomizing gas is not good, liquid like gasoline will destroy the oil film on the cylinder wall, increasing frictional resistance, thereby reducing the tanker engine life. Thus, the warm-up is very necessary. "In general, the water temperature rises, the tanker warm air blowing hot air when it off." 
Fuel tank truck supplier 
    It is understood that there are a lot of drivers feel warm car is not necessary, because the heat generated by the engine tanker car make deposits. In fact, the production of coke and warm the car does not matter. Tanker manufacturers that produce mainly carbon tanker engine is in a long-running small and medium-load state of the engine combustion chamber temperature is too low before the formation of coke. Of course, if hot car has been "boom" throttle, it will produce carbon, so hot car does not need to "boom" throttle.
Here, if time allows it, it can warm up, so that the tanker is good; of course, you cannot place warm up - after tanker launched, first at low speed for some time. "At low speeds, the engine speed is not high tanker, not prone to damage. In addition, low speed and also allows the rapid increases in temperature until the water temperature to normal after a normal driving can be." Tanker manufacturers explained.