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Clean fuel You let it hurt

  • Author:Changjie
  • Release on :2016-05-27
China Fuel tank truck picture
Said to clean oil tank truck, a lot of drivers would have surprised said, hoe-scr-r-ritch, so simple things is easy! And, of course, for those who often need to clean all kinds
of things in our daily life for the drivers, wash a thing is not difficult, but you actually for a "wash", under the hand is how much time? Anything in cleaning tank truck is
not cleaning the housework, to wash the car a good link we all need to pay attention to some error, cleaning for cleaning of oil tank truck, you let "it hurt?"

1, high temperature burning sun clean fuel
In some relatively high temperatures in summer, the highest temperature can reach above 35 ℃, the tanker after high temperature exposure after the case, if use cold water
spilled body, is can damage the paint. And in the hot sun cleaning oil tank truck, and in the car, the effect of the water droplets can form a convex lens to paint some of the
top local appear the phenomenon of a high temperature, long time, become dim will make the gloss of paint.

2 clean fuel, the rainy season
Often have heavy rain days in the summer, in the light of a wind storm, some relevant owners would think that the rain has been cleaning the car is very clean, there is no need
to wash again. Whether the tanker or any other models of vehicles are not able to borrow the rain will wash the car. Is acid rain, if we don't timely cleaning vehicles after the
rain, less rain will cause serious corrosion situation of automobile body paint and even hurt car chassis, caused the failure of the vehicle.

3, wash the clothes clean fuel
Have many cars on the market of professional detergent, but some of the oil tank truck drivers sometimes forget to save money and maybe in the car for detergent, will use some
daily detergent products instead of professional detergent to clean fuel vehicle. This is a very bad move, because we use daily cleaning supplies components is contained in the
ph is different, it will has a particularly large corrosion effect on body surface.