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China refrigerated trucks to use tips

  • Author:CJE
  • Release on :2017-04-20

Refrigerated trucks to people\'s daily lives easier, like different fresh fruits, vegetables, meat can be bought in supermarkets and other stores. Long-distance transport fresh foods must be refrigerated trucks only refrigerated trucks can ensure food transported over long distances, spoiled and rotten. But some drivers use ACE refrigerated trucks can often meet in the process of refrigeration units cannot be effective refrigeration, compartment food odor and other issues. So what are refrigerated during shipping tips to change the status quo?

Da yun 130HP refrigerated truck

First, prior to shipment, to ACE refrigerated truck inside the cargo compartment is disinfection and cleaning work, so you can ensure the subsequent shipment of goods consignments in front does not affect, no odor, keep the original flavor of the food. In addition, some foods are easy to produce odors, especially seafood food, so you need the cargo compartment is ventilated to avoid taste too strong.

Second, most of the drivers of refrigerated cargo shipment in order to save fuel, is the first after loading into the cargo compartment, and then open the refrigeration unit refrigeration. In fact, such an approach is wrong, it should be prior to the shipment, refrigeration unit opens in advance until the temperature reaches the specified temperature for transport of goods in the cargo compartment and then loaded into the cargo compartments. The old adage, a beard well lathered, refrigeration will reload faster than the first loading after opening the refrigeration unit refrigeration.

Three goods must pay attention to detail in the cars, refrigerated, not be stacked too full, proper has a small crack, keep the air circulation inside the cargo compartment. Leave a gap, goods will be better cooling effect. During discharging, door open time and frequency should be reduced, and moving up and down quickly when cargo. Minimize outside air to enter inside the delivery van, causing air loss, leads to imbalance in the compartment temperature.

From the Editor: don\'t think food odor, good cooling effect, follow the small series of the above-mentioned requirements. Do the preparatory work, for refrigerated transport to become more at ease.